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Asset Media Consulting

assetMedia is the leading comprehensive consulting company for the media sector. Experience, specialization and independence enable the firm to provide value and assist its clients in their decision-making.

The company caters for those in need of specialised consultancy services to help them face the substantial changes the media & entertainment industry is going through. In order to provide a first class service, assetMedia guarantees its independence from suppliers of technical solutions, programme producers & distributors, etc.

The company’s team consists of a carefully selected team of media experts, who offer their broad experience in four different areas:


assetMedia offers a wide variety of consultancy services, covering the following areas: business, strategic, technical and content. Depending on each client’s specific needs, two or more of these can be engaged in a single project.


assetMedia takes part in research projects and sectorial studies related to the media industry. We head and participate in local and international projects.

assetMedia offers sectorial and trend studies and customized information services, such as newsletters gathering news and articles on specific subjects from local, national or international media.


In this area, assetMedia offers training & development solutions of two types: those related to managing and communication skills in the business environment; and those specific for the media & entertainment sector.


Comprises the activity of head hunting and recruitment, for media & entertainment market, and outsourcing services portfolio.


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