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ITMedia Consulting

ITMedia Consulting, is a research and consulting company, founded in 1992 and working in the field of new media, radio and television, digital content and convergence between Internet, telecommunications and media.

The company offers its customers expertise and experience, both national and international, of professionals in the market of television and new media.

ITMedia Consulting provides a wide range of services ranging from the economic and regulatory environment to the provision of legal services. ITMedia Consulting carries out research activities both multiclient and "ad hoc".


The Internet Era of TV: Expanding Entertainment

17 April 2012
The Internet is rapidly becoming an alternate vehicle for the delivery of  video and TV content directly to consumers.
In the new TV ecosystem, Over the Top TV represents the answer to the  increased demand for flexibility in consumption and choice in content by the  consumers who want to integrate their viewing with their online lives,  sharing experiences with friends, often on second screen devices. The current market is still at an nascent stage, and despite the uncertain  economic framework, OTT revenue is expected to rise to €1.9 billion in 2015,  with an annual growth rate of 53%.
Study: more than 80 pages and over 40 graphs and tables

The Online Content Market in Europe. Film and Video go Broadband

31 March 2008
As it has already happened with the music market, the video content industry is also to face the relentless development of broadband connectivity and digitalization.
What are the underlying dynamics?
What is changing in the traditional way of using content?
What are the new business opportunities and perspectives for the next years?

Find out in ITMedia Consulting's last report. Study: 44 pages, 18 tables/charts. Further information to the report and the order sheet here


Turning Digital Annual Report | Horizontal Markets and New Business Models

June 2007, The IIIrd edition of a milestone document, sketching a picture of the DTV market and reporting whatever has happened in the recently ended year. Study: 62 pages, 37 tables/charts. Further information to the report and the order sheet



Content Market & Convergence

An in depth analysis of a relevant issue which has proved to be a key point in the digital content world
The Creative Industry
IPTV, User Generated Content and Social Networks, ITMedia Consulting, February 2007. Study: 54 pages, 24 tables/chartsFurther information to the report and the order sheet  here


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