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NPA conseil

Founded in 2001, NPA Conseil is a leading research and consulting company focused on the impact of digitalisation on the value chain of the audiovisual industry including the emergence of new players, non-linear services, business models, developments in content creation, new regulartory frameworks, and new forms of adveritisng.

NPA Conseil helps entertainment companies to understand and to integrate digitalisation across all parts of their businesses (legal, marketing, financial, technical, and editorial), and provides a variety of strategic advisory services, including regulatory and business consulting, marketing and IT strategies, and business development.

NPA has been working on issues such as:

-    new platforms (e.g.xDSL, DTT, 3G...)
-    new services (e.g. ITV, VOD, DVR, other forms of personal TV, HDTV, mobile TV...)
-    new strategies/business models
-    new regulatory framerworks (e.g., the revision of the Eruopean Television without
     Frontiers directive, new release windows, etc.)
-    new players (telcos, CE manufaturers...)
-    new channels (local, thematic and DTT channels
-    content genre development on TV (drama, reality TV, etc.)

Products and Services

-    Flash NPA, a weekly new media research monitor with international scope
-    Reports focused on key topics ot interest, e.g.: PVR-VOD, HDTV, Mobile TV
-    Consulting missions (strategic and operational)
-    Conferences bringign together key industry players

VoD in Europe

This study provides an overview of all Video On Demand services in Europe for the years 2006 and 2007. The panorama covers 24 countries (Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Turkey).

VoD platforms are detailed according to the networks they are available on, i.e. IPTV, cable, web streaming or satellite. An analysis of content types (Movie pictures, Catch up TV) and business models (rental, download to watch, download to own, download to burn, Free on Demand, free content) has been carried out in this report.

The VoD in Europe provides a detailed analysis of content catalogues and prices, platform strategy, syndication of contents as well as a general panorama of the VoD market and prospective developments in each country, including network accessibility data, audiovisual and VoD legislation and relationship of VoD to the broadcasting players.

Broadcasted Mobile TV in France to 2012

As a follow up to the CSA’s request for tender pertaining to Mobile broadcasted television, NPA Conseil published a study on “prospects of broadcasted mobile TV in France to 2012 evaluating the market to over 5 M clients by the end of the period.

Based on the technological environment (networks and terminal capacities), the results of the various field tests and commercial deployments available to date in many countries (Japan, Korea, USA, Finland,  Italy…) as well as the legislative framework of Mobile TV in France, one scenario for a 100% free offer and three scenarios for paying access offers have been developed.

For the paying access scenarios, a basic package of 5€/month and a premium offer billed 5 €/month have been supposed market constants, while variables include channel offers’ attractiveness, European-wide dynamism of DVB-H, involvement of the main market players… Depending on these, the subscriptions figures will be within the 5.7 and 8.5 millions brackets.


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